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Solar Facts


Solar Electric

The Photovoltaic cell is made from two thin layers of semi-conducting material that is treated with a chemical substance. When it shines on the cell, the chemicals react to sunlight. It creates an electric field across the layers and generates electricity. The three types of solar cell available today are Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline and Thin Film/ Amorphous.

When a solar Panel generates electricity, it is produced in the form of Direct Current or DC Voltage. The amount of DC Voltage generated varies depending on the type of PV Panel. The power being supplied to you outlets from your power company is 120 Volts AC. Therefore we must convert the DC voltage produced by your PV panels into usable 120 VAC. This is done at the inverter. An inverter is capable of taking these various DC inputs and converting them to a consistent 120 VAC. The electricity is then sent to power meter and you are now ready to use the power you produced. If your PV system is tied to the grid, the excess electricity can be sent back to your utility company for the future use.

Solar Benefits

  • Solar energy is a clean, reliable and renewable energy

The electricity comes from solar power rather than burning fossil fuels, As long as the sun shines, we can generate electricity. Solar power is our primary long-term solution since it doesn’t depend on fossil fuels that will eventually run out.
  • Solar energy helps to reduce global warming and climate change

There are zero CO2 emissions from solar energy systems. The solar electric system produces a clean, sustainable and renewable solar energy with no pollution and it reduces globe warming and climate change.
  • Solar energy hedges against future electric rates increase

The electric rates will continue to increase faster than inflation. As you own solar electric, you lock in power for at least 25 years at a fraction of the current charges and reduce your exposure to future electric rate hikes.
  • Solar energy reduces our dependence on foreign sources of oil and other energy

By providing locally produced sources of power, reducing our dependence on international fuel supplies, and relying less on large centralized power plants, our clean and renewable energy infrastructure is a best solution.



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