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GreenTech Solar Makes it Easy and Worry-Free  

We design and install complete, roof-mounted grid-tied solar electric systems for homeowners and businesses, providing our customers with a premium system to reduce your electric bill and maximize your return on solar power investment. GreenTech Solar is committed to taking responsibility for the entire project and ensuring that the solar system is operating at high efficiency. Each installed system comes with a warranty, which guarantees timely replacements and/or repairs upon request. Our solar electric system design, installation and maintenance include the following worry-free services:

  • Consultation - You will receive a free, no-obligation quote, in addition to
    a feasibility study and an estimate of your home energy usage and requirements. We will also provide different solar system options and cost proposals.  

  • System Design - We take meticulous and comprehensive measures to
    design and build a system that meets specific energy and environmental requirements. Procedures include: carrying out a site review, performing
    a complete cost-benefit analysis, preparing a specification, commencing structural and electrical engineering, devising system performance projections and plans layout, selecting a high performance system, and finally, building that system.

  • Paperwork - We will submit the necessary building and electrical permits for approval. We will also complete the application for Federal tax credit, State rebate, and utility interconnection agreements. We contact your local utility to set-up a SREC account and to inquire about net metering.  

  • Equipment Delivery and Installation - We install the solar panels, mounting system, inverter, wiring, and other electrical components in accordance with the energy code of local authorities. We are a licensed contractor: bonded and insured.  

  • Test and Inspection We take responsibilities to operate and test systems for full functionality. This also ensures that systems pass final inspection by local authorities before utility hookup.  

  • Customer Services and Support We provide ongoing maintenance, warranty after installation, and web-based services and technical support. 

  • System Warranty Includes a 25-year power output warranty on solar modules, a 10-year warranty on inverters from manufacturers, and a
    5-years and
    10-years full system warranty
    on installation.

GreenTech Solar looks forward to serving your solar needs!



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